2009-2010 The Start

2009: Xinjiang United Family Trading Co., Ltd Was Established In China;
2010: Company Successfully Represented The Acclaimed Korean Brand “Bana Rice Bakery” And Introduced It To Xinjiang, Where Consumers Received Well

2012 Launch

2012: Company Established New Brand “Xiang Song Cake House,” Constructed A Central Factory In The Center Of Urumqi, Xinjiang, And Launched 3 Domestic Stores, Then Reached An Agreement With Youhao Group, The Largest Listed Commercial Company In Xinjiang, And Successfully Launched Chanson Products To The Company’s High-End Supermarket Chains

2014 The Climb

2014: 4 New Domestic Stores Opened;
2015: 5 New Domestic Stores Opened;
2016: Opened New Domestic Store, Then Established The George Chanson Brand In New York, Creating The Overseas Precedent Of Xinjiang’s Baking Industry

2017-2020 The Leap

2017: 4 New Domestic Stores Opened;
2018: 3 New Domestic Stores Opened;
2019: 9 New Domestic Stores Opened;
2020: 3 New Domestic Stores Opened; Launched Affiliate Cocktail Lounge Thyme Bar To The New York Location, Becoming The First Bakery And Dessert Shop In New York City With A Cocktail Lounge

2021 The Future

2021: With 29 Existing Locations, The Market Share Of Chanson Has Increased Up To 43.2%, And The Customer Satisfaction Has Increased Up To 93%; The Company Plans To Open 3-5 Domestic Locations And 2-3 Overseas Locations, Including A Flagship New York Location With An Executive Lounge

Beichen Hu

Expansion Director

Hu Beichen joined Chanson International Holdings in 2020 as the Chief Investment Officer. Graduated from the State University of New York with a major in Economics, Hu Beichen focuses on Research and Development investment in catering companies. He has rich work and professional experience in chain restaurants and wholesale catering companies. He has also established a catering brand in New York, which expanded to three stores within two years. Hu Beichen will lead the Chanson Group to develop throughout the United States and internationally with New York as the center.